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Vertlite Story


About Vertlite

1. What we offer

2. Who we are

3. Vertlite Story

4. Vertlite’s Mission

5. How we protect environment

6. Share Your Green Ideas

What we offer

1. Eco-friendly prescription glasses and sunglasses!

Vertlite is an eco-friendly eyewear that is made from recycled materials. It is exclusively available online at affordable price and you can’t find it anywhere else.

Being an eco-friendly eyewear, vertlite’s design and material is not compromised at all. It is carefully and specially designed by our in house designers from Eye-Biz Pte Ltd. Their collections have been worn by famous artiste like Joe Perry from Aerosmith, Korean singer Lee Ji Hoon, and also famous Fashion Designer Nunthirat Suwannagate. Their designs have also won them numerous International awards.

  • IDEA - 2008
  • iF Material Award 2009 Gold
  • iOFT
  • PRESIDENT 2009
  • REDDOT 2007
  • REDDOT 2009
  • REDDOT 2012

2. An ideal platform for environmental activists to interact!

At Vertlite, we are not only promoting green eyewears, but also promoting a green lifestyle. We want the message of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” to diffuse into our daily life. Therefore, we created a platform for all of you to share your green creative DIY ideas.

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Who We Are

We are a group of environmental activists from Singapore. Our team consists of Waste-to-Eco Material Specialist, Eyewear Retailer/Distributor and Production Management cum Eyewear Designer. We initiate to give back to our society in the course of our work. We work together to develop recycled eyewear with objectives to provide you with the best eyewear product and reduce “eyewear waste” in our productions.

Many call this corporate-social responsibility. We call this common sense.

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Vertlite Story

“We see excessive waste.”

Waste in the world is primarily disposed through landfill or incineration. These methods give out CO2 and methane, and cause pollution. We waste earth’s valuable resources when we do not reuse and recycle our materials.

As a leading optical retail chain in Singapore, we are aware of the amount of waste generated from eyewear business and therefore, we took the initiative to reuse and recycle the “eyewear waste” and hope to create a better environment for all of us.

We want to achieve sustainable development through a responsible way. It is our chance to make a difference, to contribute to society and to spread the important message on being eco-friendly.

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Vertlite’s Mission

We aim to provide you with the best eyewear product while protecting the environment by reducing “eyewear waste” in our production.

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How we protect environment

At Vertlite we sought to shape the future. Each frame is made with the concept of eco-friendliness. We aim to be the online pioneer in providing quality spectacles that elimiate negative environmental impact.

Vertlite strives to create environmentally friendly eyewear that are RoHS compliant with international environmental protection standards through the adoption of eco-friendly processes in the production cycle.

Acetate Recycling ProcessTitanium Recycling Process

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Share Your Green Ideas

Design or DIY a small environmental-friendly product and share with everyone. Design idea can be simple, such as a pencil case which is made from environmental friendly materials like recycled cardboard, or a nice reusable bag! Basically anything as long as it is eco-friendly!

Show everyone your creativity and your effort! If other people like your idea, you get a chance to get our eyewear for free! Let’s protect the environment together!

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