• Feature 1: Eco-Friendly EyewearOpen or Close

    During Vertlite’s production process, we try our very best to utilize recycled materials such as recycled titanium and recycled acetate. In fact, almost all of our Vertlite temples and temple tips are made from recycled materials.(click here to know more on how we recycle titanium and acetate)

    We aim to provide all our customers with excellent quality eyewear while reducing eyewear waste and carbon footprint.

  • Feature 2: Unique DesignOpen or Close

    Our Vertlite eyewear are designed by a group of award winning designers from Eye-Biz Pte Ltd Singapore.(check award lists)

    We use special cutting technique such as CNC cutting to trim down part of the eyewear to create a unique and special look. Our adjustable nose pads also ensure a comfortable fitting for every customer.

    We believe in producing unique and excellent quality eyewear which you cannot find anywhere else. Exclusively available at Vertlite.

  • Feature 3: Extremely LightOpen or Close

    Vertlite eyewear are extremely light due to several reasons:

    1) We use special cutting technique called CNC cutting to trim down part of frame to make it more unique and lighter

    2) The titanium we used in making frames is both durable and light.

    We hope our customer would find themselves comfortable in wearing Vertlite eyewear.

  • Feature 4: High Quality LensOpen or Close

    For every pair of Verlite’s optical glasses, we only use top quality aspheric high index lens (1.61 and 1.67) with anti-scratch and anti-reflection coating.

    Many other websites selling prescription glasses charge extra for 1.61 high index lens. We will never do that, because we always believe in providing customer with best quality eyewear.

    Everyone deserves to have a good pair of glasses and we are proud to provide all of you with eyewear which is not only excellent, but also extremely affordable.